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Skin Bibi RJ for the contest. :D

In the realm of Morpheus...✨

A simple skin sketch for Poco. Why do some people dislike him...

finished Tara art and oml I actually really like it

there’s like, exactly the right amount of sparkles

it looks awesome

the second photo was my reference :)

- - - - -

time: like almost 2 hours

programs: kleki & ibis paint x

That's the Brawl Stars GameJolt's Community!

(Brawl Stars by Supercell)


Brawll Pass Season:

Brawlywood (Season 9)

New Brawlers:

  • Lola (Chromatic)

    It's the 52th Brawler

New Skins:

  • B-800

    (Brawl Pass Tier 1 Skin)

  • Chola

    (Brawl Pass Tier 70 Skin)

  • Director Buzz

    (Power League Skin)

  • Captain Crow

    (Shop Skin, 79 gems)

  • Squeakbuster Gale

    (Shop Skin, 159 gems)

  • Surge Kong

    (Shop Skin, 159 gems)

  • Swamp Gene

    (Shop Skin, 79 gems)

  • Ghost Squeak

    (Shop Skin, 49 gems)

  • Count Pengula

    (Shop Skin, 79 gems)

  • Headless Rider Stu

    (Shop Skin, 159 gems)

New Gamemodes:

  • Ghost Mode of all Gamemodes.

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