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Monika lost in the system

Hi, i'm here to announce that i did my own fnf community, FNF M.B. it still in development but it already works so it's fine (since the other communities don't have an announcements category this is going to off topic pls don't kill me @Ur_Local_Dumbass )



ello, welcome to this freshly new fnf universe community

previously owned by @Never-Back

now owned by: @Ur_Local_Dumbass

now the fucking rules

  1. no off topic, please, I dont wanna move millions of shit

  2. no harassment (no shit)

  3. dont ask to be featured nor be a moderator, the answer is no

  4. have fun or smth

tier of bans:

T1: basic 1 day or if im feeling nice, a couple hour ban (if thats possible)

T2: 2 day ban

T3: ok this is where I pull out the 1 week ban, no messing around

T4: fuck off and never come back

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