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Hi ther I made my own concepts for G.A. variations of four of my ocs.
These most likely won't be canon I just made these for fun.
Also for fun I put bios about them in the article, in the order I showed the designs in. Last one has mentions of self-harm.

All my ocs

( more about them in the article )

Made a tiny redesign.


ITS about Time Season 2 Remake is Started !!!!!!!!

If Rayman was with Foxboy Saga's Friends in a Pizzaria Season 2 Reimagined 12:00 AM
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Welcome to the OCopolis community on Game Jolt!

Here you can share your OC's and comment on them. It's not the most exiting comunity ever- BUT HEY! I hope you join me and my buddies, they are awesome too! No rules beside hurting eachother- HAVE FUN! wait acctually there are rules >->


-Don't cuss (i won't be cursing anymore either)

-Post on right channels

-no posting NSFW stuff

...that's it <_<

Aight anyway, Have Fun!

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