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So I think I found a glitch and now I'm in the air still,

From what I know on how I did it

Before I reach the spring (around 10m or 5 I think) I used boost and then when I saw I was in middle I quickly swapped for the left spring in last second


AH yes this is a good intro. SHould i keep it for every single video intro? I wont make a new one untill i see the final results.

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This is a 2nd gameplay clip

Of After Burner III made & recorded by me.

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Hello! My name is Sonikkustar and I'm a speedrunner that plays all sorts of Sonic games. One of my favorite games to run is Sonic CD, where you can do stuff like this!

I'm new to GameJolt, so if you'd like more clips like this let me know!


There's a new wrong warp in Sonic Origins. We go from Mushroom Hill to Hidden Palace in 3 seconds.

Gonna aim for a sub 2 hour story mode speedrun with this glitch.