fangames in Kirby

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I renamed Ralsei's ultimate attack and also made it's description in battle more clear. I think even small things like this can go a long way in making the game more clear.


kirby gets hit in the wrong direction and dies because we forgot to code in the proper direction for the hitbox to face


Kirby's Adventure PLUS (Creepypasta) - Menu preview

Hey Guys! I started working on V.1.2.

It will be a halloween update with a new boss fight as well as plenty of new attacks for old enemies.

13 New attacks! That will be the fancy tagline since 13 is a bad luck number and halloween can be scary.

Hey guys! I just released STARRUNE V.1.1.

It does add some minor features and secrets but it's mainly an update to add better grammar and fix bugs.

The Kirby Deltarune crossover is now better than ever!