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Hey everyone!

I'm a starting developer using GameMaker and some templates to make a roguelike! Let me know what you think about the beta version, it only has one level and no menus unfortunately, but that will change soon!


Thank you for the over 15k views and over 1200 downloads!!


Did you know that The Dark Backroom main menu is actually a 3D model? And not a background picture.

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What makes 𝒚𝒐𝒖 want to learn about a game's combat system beyond the basics? (Other than the necessity of increased difficulty curve)

Share with me your stories.

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Eng: Do you remember that I have a horror game?... Yeah neither me but HEY, I have a new update + a little gameplay :3

Ptbr: Você se lembra que eu tenho um jogo de terror?... Sim, nem eu, mas HEY, eu tenho uma nova atualização + um pouco de gameplay :3

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