Everything by Everyone!

Made some art of phase 2 gold for @RickyDoesStuff ’s monochrome remix

This community is dead as hell

He did it


We thank you for 10k members.

Welcome to the Unofficial Newgrounds community on Game Jolt!

Follow the next rules:

-Even though NewGrounds hosts NSFW content, this community does not allow it.

-Don't be like Cassandra, nobody likes Cassandra. (No harassment or shooting up schools because you like My Chemical Romance)

-Don't steal art or videos, that would be a 1/10 from Steve. (You should give credits to the original author)

-Don't trace art, you will be shot in the balls like Cassandra.

Enjoy! =)

Link to the website: www.newgrounds.com

What is Newgrounds?

Well, Newgrounds is an online entertainment website and company. It hosts user-generated content such as gaming, filming, audio, and artwork composition in four respective website categories. Newgrounds provides visitor-driven voting and ranking of user-generated submissions.

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