Everything by Everyone!

VS KrisMa and Gang Concept,

Astra sprite + icons.

Tricky and the world domination

love and hate this one lol... But THEMMM :] <3

Finally, updated my own sprite. (again...)

VS KrisMa, Sad guy, Loner or whatever you want to call him.

This sprite was inspired by Hotline 024.

so I made a B-side Whitty an old fan-made b-side of mine and now he has a friend I guess as a b-side Updike lol (MY ART)

Welcome to the Unofficial Newgrounds community on Game Jolt!

Follow the next rules:

-Even though NewGrounds hosts NSFW content, this community does not allow it.

-Don't be like Cassandra, nobody likes Cassandra. (No harassment or shooting up schools because you like My Chemical Romance)

-Don't steal art or videos, that would be a 1/10 from Steve. (You should give credits to the original author)

-Don't trace art, you will be shot in the balls like Cassandra.

Enjoy! =)

Link to the website: www.newgrounds.com

What is Newgrounds?

Well, Newgrounds is an online entertainment website and company. It hosts user-generated content such as gaming, filming, audio, and artwork composition in four respective website categories. Newgrounds provides visitor-driven voting and ranking of user-generated submissions.

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