whatcha feeling today?

if you guys support and miss @Hatori , just chuck this in the corner of your pfp. thanks yall.

Made my irl oc into a mouse tell me if Yall like it

Oh my gawd! Thank you guys so much for 200 followers! Every single one of you mean the world to me! <3

Just drew this๐Ÿซก

Inspired by one of my favorite songs,


This guy is just such a gober, lol ๐ŸŒŸ

Hi, welcome to my community!

This is the official community of Status_anxiety.

So, theres a few posting rules,

Nothing offensive

No homophobic content

No anti-furry or anti-therian content

I think thats about it..

what i definitley accept:

random posts


art related items

Lgbtqia+ content

Vents maybe?

Furry-therian content

and a bunch more

ask if you have any questions :)

You can ask if you want to be a collaborater i guess.

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