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Feel free to request how I should draw my OCs <3 Pls choose from the OCs listed in the post.

I need help getting over my art block and low motivation,, hopefully I can get a few doodles / drawings down 🙏

More in Article <3

For @FuntimeTerror 's contest

Such a goober >:3


Happy MerMAY!!

MerMAY month is comin' to an end, so I couldn't pass it up! So I made myself a mermaid and was it the way I asked ? I couldn't find out where Ariel was... How sad...

We're 800+10 followers?!!! I can't believe it!


Requested by @Agatheine

Another OC ref sheet is done ‼️ Apologies for me disappearing. Been incredibly busy lately 😭🙏 This took me 25 hours and it reallllyyyyy shouldn't have 💀 not proud of it pfft


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