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There are many libraries and plugins developed by the community already. Rather than write custom code for interfacing with the Game API directly, most developers tend to use one of the already written libraries.

View libraries and plugins.

If you do decide to write your own code for calling the Game API directly, then fear not, it's easy! Calls to the system are done over HTTP or HTTPS, so nothing special is needed, and you can test the service using a normal web browser.

Current version

The current version of the API is 1.2.


These are the features currently supported by the API:

Namespace Description
Data-store Manipulate items in a cloud-based data storage.
Time Get the server's time.
Scores Manipulate scores on score tables.
Sessions Set up sessions for your game.
Trophies Manage trophies for your game.
Users Access user-based features.
Friends List a user's friends.
Batch Merge multiple API calls into one request.

Constructing Requests

Every request consists of multiple parts.

This page shows you how to construct API requests: Constructing Requests.

Multiple Formats

Requests can be sent in four different formats.

Check the Formats page for more.

Version history

These are the changes made to version 1.2 of the API: Version History.