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This will be an Remake for this game and Sally.exe Legends of Fear, but Sally.exe won't be coming out until Mid January or some what. THX.

STORY: There once live an Demon Named Exetron. An Demon of Sharpness and wants to take out the Highest with Exetior and his other exe. But, He needs an Body and 6 living souls. Help Tails,Knux, and Eggman Survive Exetron from his Evil Tricks.

Easter Eggs: 25 (ME), Glitch Hill Zone


I'm going to add an Few Boss in this. In the demo, there is only one "Sonic Vs Metal" But, No Spoilers. But, it's almost Christmas. So, The Next Boss is Tails Vs Insanity Sonic because why the fuck not. So, your little spoiler. Have an Merry Christmas.