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Garten Of Banban If It Was Good

this is one of the fnaf games of all time

i discovered this game due to astralspiff

hey a question what is the soundtrack for the el chip boss fight

i saw spiff's stream of it and it looks super cool and funny

"This is Her time to shine"
Welcome to Chicas Party World. Where entertainment is our first priority while money is our second. Meet Chica Circus Ennard and Lolbit! come to our party rooms with brand new private characters! All for the price of $29.99!

The year is 1982 Chica's party world has not been bought by fazbear entertainment yet. this new diner is the most advanced in diner in the country. You take the job as a night guard there only to find out this establishment has a very and hidden past that you must undercover.


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Game made by @jordanisgreat505

Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Drug Reference
Mild Language
Comical Shenanigans

Nobody has found this ending yet for Five Nights at chicas lol.

Please check out this video. They did an amazing showcase of the Extras menu and I am so thankful for that.

In Depth Look At Five Nights at Chica's Extras Menu
Hope you enjoy! ^_^ Game Developer jordanisgreat505: Play Five Nights at Chica's:

Behind the scenes facts number 1

Important Five Nights at Chicas Update
animan studios update

new video about the LORE of the food

The Hidden lore of the food in Five Nights at Chicas!
A highly requested video! The pizza tower would love this and the fnaf movie too. But Five nights at chicas is eternal