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What do you think?

Here are the walking sprites for the main character...

bury the light deep within

Remember we have a community, consider joining, you (might) see some behind the scenes, I don't know, I'm just a consept artist and song composer apparently.


Dante Must Die



In Devil Must Die you play as Arlo, the only thing alive with the power to stop the great evil which has taken over. You travel around a post-apocalyptic world, stopping those who choose to take advantage of other's misfortune. It features classic turn-based combat and a basic movement system.


@CUPCAKEMANS : Art, music, writing, story, development

@AlerrationNexus : Concept art, creator of several characters, song concepts

@Iron_malakye : Creator of the concept behind The Knight in Red, play tester

#action #adventure #rpg #scifi #retro #roleplaygame #rpgmaker #postapocalyptic

Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Crass Humor
Simulated Gambling

Just wanted to clarify something

Although there will be multiple "books" in the DMD series, each one functions as a small section of a larger game

New thumbnail for DMD: Debt, Money, and Death (formerly Devil Must Die)

The old one was pretty rushed and lazy plus it didn't have the actual name of the game on it so I made this one instead

New songs on the gamepage

I made some of these like months ago but I'm stupid and forgot to add them

The names of the new tracks in order of appearance are:

Carrying Out The Deal (Approaching Danger + The Factory)



So I'm an actual idiot

For some reason the songs in the game weren't looping very well (there was silence in between the beginning and end for some reason) but I thought it was just because of RPG Maker

I've added 4 new songs to the gamepage, you can listen to them if you'd like (Sorler, No Place to Hide, In A Rich Man's House There Is No Place To Spit, and Against Impossible Odds)