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What do you think?

wow I love this game

i can see where you got moonlight from. ( daylight intensifies )

munis the small screen this game looks great



โ€œYou canโ€™t make good games in Scratchโ€ but this is really well made.

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Inky Depth - Danell Charles

It is the nineties!

A new era in children's entertainment...well not in animatronic entertainment per se...After the so-called "Gold Rush" of animatronic-themed restaurants has finally burnt out. It seems that animatronics are a problematic business option. Who could have known? Plus, with the defunct Fazbear Entertainment investigation, after new evidence was leaked surrounding the various incidents, it was clear that animatronics were a thing of the past.


Only INK Island has survived the extinction of the robot trend, opening back as a successful arcade. While you have been invited to come back after INCIDENT_01, back in 87. Getting a position as a technician.

Due to a robotic malfunction, the Arcade has closed for the night due to needed repairs. Here is where YOU come in! And with that only time will tell

What will happen next?

What Is INK Island - MOONLIGHT?

It is the 2nd instalment of my game series - INK Island. Having been reworked 3 times, hopefully for the last time. It is a more story-driven game. Trying to stand out from the other FNAF Scratch fangames.


It's a secret ;)

Special thanks:

-BizarreArtStudios - For making promotional material for the game. Visualising the game's remaking.

-{Insert Display name}โ„ข@lolgamegamebro - for making an asset for the game.

-@DanellCH - Composer

-@realscawthon - FNAF Series


#fnaf #horror #fangame #pointnclick #survival #retro #other #arcade

Cartoon Violence
Intense Fantasy Violence
Mild Realistic Violence
Blood and Gore

Hello, Quick announcment, due to a lot of work, the game development will go on pause. During my fall holiday expect to hear more from me, until then I will go rest in my tomb.


Okay, so I have scheduled INK Island - MOONLIGHT'S Demo to release on August 31st. Until then, I plan to give out early access to a select few.

DEATH SCREEN TEASER. INK Island - MOONLIGHT has entered testing phase, I am looking for some testers. Leave your applications below!

Hey! Here is the Back office. I am also looking for an environmental artist in scratch, that could make some cool environments!