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Nice (I see I'm the first person to comment and follow here)

why was V2 deleted? (i can't play V3 can i play the game? ;-;)

I gotta say I love the new hub! Not only is there rainy ambience and a cloudy night sky but behind the mask from persona 5 is playing! This may be my favorite variant of the hub!

the game loves kicking me out of the game, relaunching, and then kicking me out like every 20 seconds

Gather your friends and see who is truly the fastest in this no hold barred fast track. Featuring many different stages through the Sonic series enhancing the stages with new features for multiplayer. Explore the world and work together to complete missions. #fangame #sonicthehedgehog #sonicbattler #platformer #action #racing #online #multiplayer

Mild Cartoon Violence

Update to Fix some of the login and Movie errors