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Congrats on being the 1000th game on Game jolt.

I started the game and I died instantly. I went to write a name to the highscores and I tried to delete some letters from the name but I didn't succeed. Quit didn't worked so I had to quit the game with force.

Thanks, it was a bit rushed and I was voicing it at 1:00 in the morning, an hour before I had to submit it because I was leaving at 2:00 for the weekend. A little last minute addition.

I really liked the "chain start" and "chain end" voicing that you put in this one, somehow just fit really well with the rest of the game. A nice little shmup.

Alright update is out! New features include; a multiplier (racks up from subsequent asteroids destroyed without stopping moving) a fever system (when you get x10 multiplier you get bonuses that can also be combined with the powerups) and finally a Chain system where if you get 10 hits on asteroids before you miss a shot you will keep racking up a total, when you miss a shot that total then gets added to your score. Also some new sound effects are in there too enjoy!

Contrast is a game about survival, you play as a ship going through a rough asteroid belt. Helping you through it is your ships ability to shrink and grow, raising it's agility or power. Along the way you'll find power-ups to help you and maybe you can get on the highscore table with your piloting skills. The controls are Arrow Keys to move, Z to shoot and X to change your ship size. This game was created for the Minimal competition by my company (Absolute Zero) with the help of my good friend DeepFriedBoot for the music. I hope you enjoy!

Nothing has been posted to this project page yet. Maybe check back later!