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one word

Yes... This game looks awesome!


when this game releases plz make a tutorial I NEEEEDDDDD THIIISSSSSSS

A platform fighting game with lots of weapon combinations and other perks to choose from! With birds! #action #platformer #fighting

Created using Turbowarp

Music is from [TBA]

Sound effects are from Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Melee, Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Half Life, and Team Fortress 2 (Nintendo and Valve)

Major credits to the Turbowarp Discord server and you for helping me make this project a reality.

Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Comical Shenanigans gas this up

duk battlegrounds SWEEP

umbrella glide weeeeeeee

(i promise this weapon wont be a carbon copy of the parasol ability)

umbrella shenanigans

for once i decided to actually make progress on the game during the weekend so heres a small showcase on the umbrella

now that the boxing gloves are done and done, the last melee weapon of v0.1 is in development, the umbrella

if you think this is gonna be a copy-paste of the parasol copy ability you are in for a FEAST