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really like the game and the graphics are really good and idea is very interesting like the power really cool cant wait for more!!

This is reminds me of Limbo, but better.

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How do you download this game? It looks dope

This game is so awesome i would like to see more in feature what you are going to add but awesome game keep it up here is my video

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A story of love and hope

"Perhaps you’d be willing to go to the end of the world for your beloved, but would you go beyond it?"

On Eternal Hope you'll follow the story of Ti'bi, a lonely boy who has lost the love of his life. You’ll embark with him on a highly unusual journey — one that might bring the soul of his cherished girlfriend back from the Shadow World, a purgatory-like realm. But visiting this new world will not be easy, there will be dangers to overcome and many mysteries to unearth before you can continue with your journey. For that reason, our hero has been granted with the ability to shift between dimensions. You will use this new power to travel, solve puzzles and meet the otherworldly beings that inhabit this realm. On this journey of love you’ll travel to the great beyond, you will make friends — and many enemies — and you will encounter many ancient secrets never meant to be discovered by any of the living.

Game Features

  • Embark on a journey to a magical world full of mysteries! Travel across mystic forests, hidden caves, ancient cities and find your way up the mountains to the Temple of Souls.

  • Use your special powers to shift between worlds and change the environment in which you play.

  • Solve puzzles with a little help! Upon entering the Shadow World you will find objects and creatures that might help you overcome the obstacles in your path.

  • Make friends and foes! Meet unique creatures and find more about the species that dwell in the Shadow World.

  • An original and emotional soundtrack that will make you feel part of the story.

  • Beautiful landscapes and a unique story. See the world through Ti'bi's eyes as you unravel mysteries about yourself and a long lost civilization.

#adventure #platformer #puzzle

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence

Hey EveryOne. We was working hard on the portability of our beloved game EternalHope. Finally, we made it. It was an incredible journey. To celebrate, we have a lot of Digital Copies of Eternal Hope to giveaway! Come join us at

*Available now on Steam*

A beautiful journey of love and death.

Soooooome deaths on Eternal Hope!

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We're really hyped with the release! If you already played the game, we'd love to hear your thoughts <3. Eternal Hope is available now on Steam! thankyou thankyou thankyou all the support! <3


Eternal Hope is now available on Steam! We want to thank you all for all the support you've been giving us through this last few years. Even if you only heard about the game 5 minutes ago. Thank you all! Lots of love for all of you