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Can i help with some concepts and art

Welcome to the Wild West Pizza Parlour!

The newest, hottest pizzeria in town after Fazbear Entertainment went out of business in 1987 after Come have fun and taste our terrific food! We are bound to give you and your young ones a great time with Enzo and his pals! Yee Haw!

You are the nightguard here. All you have to do is watch over the place at night and make sure the animatronics and other expensive equipment are safe.

I'm sorry, but those robots have lost it. They know what you did. They know where you hide. You can never escape. #fangame #fnaf #horror #survival #fnaf #fnaf

@DanielleUnderseptik — Artist


ok so I know I haven’t updated this page for 8 months.

Almost 200 views?

Thanks B)

Ok so I know I haven’t updated this page for 2 months.

The prototype camera map for the game! There is a chance some things in here will be changed in the future. For now cya :)

I’d like to announce that @LeeWeek is now the modeller for FNAE. So that problem has been solved. More news is coming soon. For now please be patient