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Hospitality is so much more than just a video game. It's a transcendent experience that rivals almost every source of intractable media in this century. Sharing graphical heritage from that of a classic Gameboy game. HOWEVER a jewel is not without flaw.

I believe the experience is a tad short and is in dire need of a content overhaul, perhaps as an update or a DLC. If development of this masterpiece does continue, I highly recommend toying around with the "Rage game" genre a tad bit more. I also recommend adding in more levels complete with new obstacles, enemies, and maybe a few bosses. Overall a short yet sweet experience! Can't wait to see where you take this spectacular game! :)

(Also try and see if you can get a custom soundtrack! It should add a lot more to the game!)

Hospitality is a Maze game where you have to guide an explorer called Sam out of an abandoned hospital,using the buttons on the screen,You can control Sam in 4-directions.

#horror #action #adventure #rpg #arcade #retro #roguelike #survival #pointnclick #other #altgame #strategy


Update: V1.2

-Increased level size

-Increased speed

-Some minor bugs and glitches fixed

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