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Boss battle on mobile device (prototype)

So far this is only a test, in the future it will be finalized.


Sorry for the lack of updates about Koa, I've been working hard and there are a lot of new things to show. For now I just want to announce that the game will be exhibited at the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022!!🥳🥳

Stay tuned for more news!

The undead boys from our open-world RPG Zarktor’s Realm want you to join their band. What’s your response?


Cards bring magic to the world !
That's the best transition I could think of for the dreamworld even though I don't find it really explicit.
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The cultists are up to no good. They are part of the Bone Cult and guard an unholy object called the Begging Bowl, one of the mini events you can encounter in BattleJuice Alchemist.

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