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#UnderwaterDiving PRE-ALPHA DEMO 0.78.3

You are an #underwater #diver surrounded by aggressive #fish and #mines

USP: Energy <=> Life + Stamina + Oxygen

Watch 30s of #Gameplay 2024.01.11 from 0.75.0

DEMO also available on #Steam:

The Gnome Gang has been tormenting the inhabitants of the Toscana since the world went into the eternal night. They are chaotic, annoying and mildly dangerous. Probably a tiny bit more of a threat now that they have learned how to make bombs.


NEW TRAILER: Heat and Run launches into Early Access on Steam & Gamejolt on October 13, 2022.

🎯 4vs4 online shooter game.

✨ Heroes, abilities & block building.

❤️ Wishlist now:

#trailertuesday #earlyaccess #gamedev


Boss battle on mobile device (prototype)

So far this is only a test, in the future it will be finalized.


Sorry for the lack of updates about Koa, I've been working hard and there are a lot of new things to show. For now I just want to announce that the game will be exhibited at the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022!!🥳🥳

Stay tuned for more news!

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