What do you think?

google blocked it cause it was dangerous. ive downloaded quite a few games from gamejolt. this is the first time this has happened.


is this game just tennis?

i have a question how did you post multiable images in the game's description

Haven't thought of an IP entry for local mode?

It would also help if the server waits for the client to play, instead of scoring points while the other player hasn't even connected yet.


This is a game made dearly by one person just for your enjoyment,and I hope you get the most out of this game,also it took me a week (almost) to make this game,and not to brag

or anything but I'm personally pretty addicted to it,If you like this game,please share feedback on what aspect,court or modes you liked the most,also please tell me about any bugs

or glitches you may encounter through this short but sweet experience

This game contains-

-2 Nice-Looking Tennis Courts

-Fun and addictive gameplay

-Cool menus

-1 secret mode that I'm not gonna spoil for you,play the game to find it out yourself!

-cheeki breeki hardbass anthem as main theme

-Local Multiplayer

People who worked on this

@Satari (Me) as Programmer,Sprite artist

@crimeraaa as Designer for the main menu and thumbnail

@traumatizedgeworth as Composer

Once again,Thanks a bunch for downloading this game

-Yours Faithfully,Satari :)

#action #rpg #arcade #multiplayer #retro #sports #other #roguelike #adventure




Thanks for 400 views gamers

Thanks all for 69 downloads on Just Tennis!

(We are currently at 71 downloads so im a bit late to this)

Thanks for 300 views on Just Tennis! :D

thx hoomans :)