What do you think?

this is neat to see someone also (wink wink) working on an srb2 tgf thing
although the level design is a bit braindead, would've helped if each level had unique enemies and gimmicks, something like minecarts in mine maze in original srb2 tgf
the arid canyon sequence was cool tho, would've liked something similar more
this also starts off looking similar to srb2 tgf but becomes more of a it's own thing? that isn't bad by any means, just an observation
a bit of personal nitpicks is that sonic's acceleration is very slow and there's no checkpoints as far as i've seen
again, neat little game

i soon

SRB2 Classic is Best!!! I should download it

A Sonic fangame for a Sonic fangame... if that makes sense somehow.

Based on the TGF build of Sonic Robo Blast 2

Play regular SRB2:



Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Comical Shenanigans

guys new update

New release!

Mine Maze 1, RMZ2, new enemies, fixes, and the like!

Also, including new "mod" by Min3r! And the source code but shut up i dunno

Hey! New release, ya guys!

New Badniks, new level! Fixes, changes, and epicness!

the hell am i doing lmao