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What do you think?

I made Mirati with clay! I wish you could like it!Happy New year!


found a lil visual bug

I just created an account to comment here

I really like your game, it is almost as if it was the real chapter 3 of deltarune

Ok second thing, I don't really know how to get the third shadow crystal, I got the shadow mantle, the butterfly and everything, but I don't know about "leaf piles hiding a chest" or whatever, can you please at least give me a hint or something?

Do you plan to be on this year underevent?

You did say that this update might be the last, so it would make it at least more famous.

The game is really great! Characters are well portrayed and the story is really good!
Some typo during gameplay but nothing too major.
Amazing work! ^-^

After a long day where KRIS, SUSIE, RALSEI, NOELLE and BERDLY ventured in the CYBER WORLD to seal a dark world Kris, Susie and Noelle head to Kris's house.

There they play video games, but at one point Susie loses and she throws her wii remote at the ground and her ANGER and DETERMINATION causes another dark world to erupt and they have a new world to save!


A deltarune adventure about NOELLE, SUSIE and KRIS entering a strange new world based on the KIRBY franchise:

Current Contents:

  • Noelle replaced Ralsei, changing the main team dynamic. (But Ralsei will return to switch things up)

  • Many items, weapons, armors and even badges to find, equip and use.

  • Enemies from Kirby

  • Bug Fables, Omori, Hollow Knight and Mario elements

  • Difficult Bosses (Hopefully)

  • An optional easy mode that gives the party more HP and DEFENSE for an easier experience

  • An (hopefully) epic story with twists and unique elements

  • New cryptic lore

  • 4 Main, 1 Intro, 1 Post game area to explore

  • A post game in CASTLE TOWN.

It is still in development. But I plan to make it something big and neat!

I also have a discord server btw:

#adventure #fangame #action #rpg #retro #undertale #deltarune #omori #bugfables #kirby

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Language
Comical Shenanigans

Hey guys! I just released STARRUNE V.1.1.

It does add some minor features and secrets but it's mainly an update to add better grammar and fix bugs.

The Kirby Deltarune crossover is now better than ever!

I made a small mode for my little brother who enjoys Rougelikes. It is pretty simple but it will be probably the biggest gameplay addition to V.1.1. Do not expect any new story though, it's just a little gameplay experiment.

I added the ability to be able to listen to the Jukebox anywhere you want. You need to unlock it but I think it can be a neat endgame reward even though it is pretty useless (Especially since the music always changes when changing rooms.)

I added reactions for Noelle when entering rooms in castle town. It was sorta strange she doesn't say anything and so I added some cutscenes for that!

I now fixed an issue where due to how countdowns on certain bullets work, the FPS would affect how they function. I now fixed this, meaning that all bullets function the same across framerates.