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i can help with the graphic also can u send me the sb3?

One question

Thanks fro mentioning me in your post

Want to play the original Game(s)? Well here you go!


''Welcome back to Treasure island''


This is a Unofficial game to the series called ''Five nights at Treasure island''. This is also a remake of one of my FNaTI fan-games called TI 2 : TEOD. I hope you like it ;)

Also, this is NOT supposed to be linked with Malrat's games (Story Wise), it's my fan-made FNaTI 2.


This game contains things that might disturb some users. These things can go from :


-loud noises

-Disturbing imagery

-Creepy characters

-Creepy sounds/music.

Don't say i didn't warn you.


You are Jake Smith and you came back to Treasure island. And, you want to stay there for 6 nights. Greg calls you begging you to come back to your home, but for some reason, you don't listen to him and you decide to stay. But then, you and Greg start another investigation at Treasure Island since many things have changed since you were last there. Be careful, because on your 6th night there, things might get hectic for you.


@mbile - Phone guy voice actor

@RadianceGamesOfficial , @Malrat_ , Puritysin, @AnArt1996 - FNaTI

@RadianceGamesOfficial , @Malrat_ , @AnArt1996 - Original images

Disney - Mickey mouse, treasure island

@realscawthon - Fnaf

fnatirfanfullbodies - Jeff Render

Slimebeast - Abandoned By Disney

@Inverted_Minnie - Making some fan-art for the game

@mrmanateeofficial - shade goofy render







I hope you like the game ;)

Tags (plz ignore) :

#fangame #horror #survival #action #pointnclick #other #fnaf

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Realistic Violence

Treasure Island 2 Revamp - FULL GAME OUT NOW!!!

there will be an update soon which will add the game api!

have fun!

The Final Update for Treasure Island 2 Revamp is here!
Trophies are removed now.
Oh and Face has new voicelines now!

As a Sort-Of ''Thank You!'', Here's this Thing, Kind-of a poster! :). Oh, and the page that had the original game(s) was unlisted. I did that, because i just didnt like the game at all. Thats a reason why this Redo Exists! Link to Original Page in Desc!

Treasure Island 2 Revamp - Bug Fix update out now!!!!

This update includes:

a bug fix is coming today for this game.