1 year ago

2 Hours challenge. My hands hurt =(



Next up

Practicing Temmie Chang's artstyle

I think there's something wrong with my newsletter

Better late than never

pan sunset

happy pride 🌈

sorry for not posting much. i'm currently working on multiple xmas artworks + school takes almost all my time

some various UTY fanart! i'm using my fan redesigns i made a while back. (please don't be so harsh on dalv...) love u UTY!!!

Asgore is such an underrated character we need more art of him fr fr

tem and allergic hair dye

He's animated now

4 years on this website Even if I've been posting something for only 2 of them lol. Have this old picture (1 year old) that I've never posted here for some reason and have a good day everybody #spawnday