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This was actually hilarious (Don't even ask about how I got the body-paint off )

It was so close! Had so much fun doing this too

🔥🔥 💪💪

Time to livestream from new Realms! You can now go live from any Realm on Game Jolt. You can also tag a Realm when going live from your homepage. Visit a Realm to see who's streaming!

Comic-Con was so SUS

Our friends at @steelwoolstudios released Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted four years ago today! What do you 💖 about Help Wanted? Tell us in the comments!

Yo! Look who I found at MCM Comicon 👀

#FNAF #GameJoltCreators #GameJolt

I will ban him for this...

🚨 @Emilmacko and @Kane 's FNAC and Popgoes Art Contest is about halfway over!🚨

You have until 3pm ET on June 2nd to enter! Check the "FNAC + POPGOES Art Contest" quest to learn how.

This year's cosplays were insane! Loved Comic-Con and will definitely be coming back this October!