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Cream & Duct Tapes 😩

Found this super weird PC mouse 🖱️ with a BUG IN IT! 🪲 Part of me wants to buy it just for the absolute weirdness of it 😂

(Drop your charged stickers & I'll buy it & make a video 😂)

First off setting my alarm for 11am second, they be collecting DSMP members like friking Pokémon cards🤣


Me and Nayeli Failing in "It Takes Two"

Lots of funny mistakes and I hope it makes you giggle!

Enjoy the full video here ->

The Struggles and Laughs from It Takes Two!
Enjoy these funny moments from a very beautiful game called It Takes TwoAs me and Nayeli try our best to overcome the puzzles but mess up most of the time!#i...

I dont think this is what she meant to say hahaha