2 months ago

Beat night 5 in fnaf 2 on Android



Next up


(game over screen is done)

Sml frame out of context


(sorry for not working on any games recently i've just been taking a small break and enjoying my self but im getting back to work)

Less than a day left to take part in the FNAC + POPGOES art contest!

If you're a fanartist, don't miss out on the chance to win REAL prizes!

Check out this post for details: https://gamejolt.com/p/fnac-popgoes-game-jolt-art-contest-zm4w55… #fnaf #fnac #popgoes #art

Time for a hell of a game!

FNAC + POPGOES Game Jolt Art Contest is OVER!

We are in the process of picking the winners. Thank you and good luck to everyone who participated! Some amazing stuff was submitted recently, very impressed!

Random cuphead meme I made a year back

Nothing like playing crusty Mario party eh?

(I was using an emulator on my phone if anyone is wondering)

🎉We're celebrating Pride with an #artcontest! 🌈 Edit our logo or create your own Pride version of our Steel Wool Sheep & enter by June 16. Winning artist picks an LGBTQIA+ charity for us to donate to!  Use #SteelWoolPride to enter. Open to USA residents.

it's-a-me... (teaser)