Chipper & Sons Lumber Islands

1 month ago

Devlog #4 (Mini) - Vote on Development

Hey all!

The release of Lumber Islands would have been imminent this month, but a lot of reflection has come over me while working on other games. There was a LOT I was wanting to include in this game like dating, visitors, and more. Unfortunately, some of the more grand additions like boating away to Seabill's and such will (most likely) not be included as the previous editor for this game is someone I don't talk to anymore. Despite this, I am determined to add what I can into the game.

I am currently working on the trading system for the game and it's looking good. Some backend content still needs to be added like some alterable values for your island and similar.

Now, for a poll: would you have liked for this game to come out without the extra content but have the bare experience of a Chipper game without NPCs and such or would rather wait for a lot more content to be put into it? This poll does not determine the future for the game but I'm interested in seeing what you guys would favor.

Stay tuned!

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