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will each tyke look the same online?

I want to summon Chipper from Chipper and Sons Lumber Co at 3 AM can you please tell me your method to do it when you are free

mechlus is easily the most reputable out of the trio. he didn't turn off his shouts like a coward and he didnt bot his game.


Chipper & Sons Lumber Islands is a fan-made remix and reimagining of the ever so infamous Chipper and Sons game by Scott Cawthon. With new modern gameplay and controls as well as new mechanics added on from the original game, Lumber Islands takes the great concept and love of Chipper's back into the spotlight.

The story, dialogue, and interacts within Lumber Islands will also vary much more than the original game as well with new dialogue and possibly new NPCs!


Lumber Islands is a primarily #multiplayer experience, allowing for players to open up their own islands to friends across the world to join up and interact with one another! Trade, chat, build, and more with up to ten people in your own island.

That's not to say the game will not retain its story and other landmarks, as all of the content in Chipper's will be (mostly) in tact. Need to take a break to go to Seabill's? Take a boat ride there with your friends.


@realscawthon - Original game, all base graphics and SFX

@Mechlus - Main developer

@stuAvenue - Image edits


Development Process Warning

Build effects are in progress if you have been following the Trello for the game. Looks like the Lumberbots are warming up to the campfire, so cozy!


I've made a Trello for Lumber Islands so you can see how progress is coming along with the game leading up to release. Check it out here:

A big storm rolled in! Water your trees while the rain is out for that extra natural boost!


Lumber Islands can now be played completely offline and will not force updates unless you play online! Plus, check out the new river in the background!