4 months ago

Duet with @_DANDILION_

link to their video in article



Next up

Working on tails for me and my sister

Quick drawing I made of my little sisters fursona

Imp tail test

Made with new pipe insulation foam noodle thing, and upholstery foam

WIP Master Sword needs more rework, sanded and repainted. It has become far too hot to paint though.

That’s all I have to say for now

Want to see the scooping room?

#fnafcosplay #circusbaby

Sneak peek at an edit I’m working on in a mobile game called Sneaky Sasquatch song by https://music.apple.com/us/album/poison-hazbin-hotel-original-so…

XD My grandma just sent a present for my fursona Willow


Omg I’m screaming right now!!!! I know it’s not a lot but this is the most views and likes I’ve gotten on any YouTube video! I hade 9 subscribers this morning, I’m working on posting some YouTube shorts now