Post about Music!

prolly one of my favorite songs i've made

(this is a remix of a pre-existing egg land song in 1.4)

@/gamejolt Asked me: What's my favorite video game soundtrack of all time? #GJAsks

The answer is Sonic Frontiers as the Soundtrack is the best so far! 💎

I even bought the Mini-Soundtrack today!

#Sonic #SonicTheHedgehog #SonicBlastYT


The 5th and final part of my stop-motion music video, concluding the epic journey of the Guitar Pick. Hope y'all enjoyed it!


When I was younger, I had no idea who was trying to communicate with me through the original Xbox dashboard, but it was a definite nope from me. 😨👽


Amazing cover of Gourment Race by Ska Tune Network!