Undertale: True Genocide

2 months ago

Dustysoup (Soup's Dusttale TAKE)

APRIL FOOLS!! Yes, this is a satire/ joke post, sorry still don't personally care for Sans battle fangames :((, but read anyways if you wanna learn something or want a laugh!

So, you guys may've been wondering why I haven't been making much progress on True Geno lately. Well, to tell you guys the truth, it's because idgaf about the project anymore. I've been falling back in love with Sans battle fangames again and boy lemme tell you that I've never been more happy in my life! I see what I've been missing out on now!! dude my third eyes just kicked in and now i see the vision!! So that's why I'm canceling True Geno and leaving any and all projects I'm in in favor of doing what everyone else is doing cause I'm scared of having a little ambition and I wanna make a character study on Sans and Papyrus and how they feel about death and insanity and shit......

Introducing SOUPYDUST, or Soup's DUSTTALE TAKE(important to specify that it's a take instead of giving it an original and not silly name)


What's it about? It's Dusttale, but... and get this.......... it's more CANON and TOBY-LIKE! because yes i understand toby's vision more than you do shut up idc if sans wouldn't do such a thing and break down that easily who cares i wanna have fun. AND because it's toby-like, that means it'll be better than all those fangames that try to make their own artstyle and shit cause who cares about fun and uniqueness when all fangames can blend in together and have one uglyass artstyle, right? i will intentionally make my sprites shit cause it isn't undertale if the sprites aren't utter TRASH amirite??? this is what toby WANTED!


OKAY OKAY I've been talking about how awesome the game is, but I haven't actually talked about the game. Okay, so basically fuck you cause the story is already covered dude. It's an AU take, not some original and grandiose project so I don't really need to try hard to make some emotional or funny story cause at the end of the day you already know what's gonna happen. You're just here to kill funny pun skeleton guy as if he's a generic final boss and didn't serve a thematic purpose in the original game. All I gotta do is just pad out the game and include normal encounters you can instakill and all of the original areas and make them only last a second and boom, CANON. Why should I pad out the game with world building and unique characters when I can just take you straight to the funny guy??


(actual screenshot from the game)

I hope you'll like the demo I'm releasing on April 31st! Trust me guys when I say this will be the best and definitive DUSTTALE take in all of UT AU's history.......

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna make my own better Storyshift take and only make Chara and Asriel fanart for it cause those are the only two characters that exists in the entire AU(they are in the Sans and Papyrus roles so that means they are the ONLY characters that matters!) and then I'll make a AU chart for it that only consists of those two goofballs and their multiple swap and fell counterparts cause I LOVE just making the same shit over and over with a different coat of paint! Anyways, stay soupy!



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