Five Nights at Sonic's: Back to 2015

3 months ago

----- Five Nights at Sonic's: Back to 2015 -----

A promotional art

Hi everyone, Volteon here, just here to say that this game is still in development lol.

But actually, there is something to talk about:

The FNaS Fan Direct was cancelled, read this post to see the motive:

That, however, won't affect the development of BT2015.

That's all lol, have a nice day ;D



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We got our first Fan-Art of Back to 2015!

By: @Virus65

Make sure to follow the man, they have potential!

The brand new Mini-Marios from SHPP are here

Come to the Game Lounge and get these small critters for the cheap price of 100 coins, or use your SHPP Arcade Card and get one of them for free!!!!

something to keep in mind when the game releases (this is not canon in normal fnas, but it is in the knuckles story universe)

Performing just like they used to...

office progress

After Hours at Triple Js' - June 10th Devlog

Meet the protagonist of Uncreativity, Felix the Fennec, a mysterious mobian without a known past, well, that's what we think.

----- Five Nights at Sonic's: Back to 2015 -----

Directed by: @choco_xd

Art by: @NowhereBunny

Edited by: @MarineBlue , @AsulZilla

----- Happy 9th Anniversary Five Nights at Sonic's! -----

[ Test Render of Puppet Candy ]

arcade wip