Forgotten At Fredbear's

5 months ago

Forgotten At Fredbear's Teaser Trailer 2 Next Week

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Next up

Join the Forgotten at Fredbear's discord for W.I.P. and BTS images. We will also show some scrapped content, and people who support me on Game Jolt will get early teasers.

New Stickers Soon Art by @krieger1

Check out Fangame Direct 2!

Forgotten at Fredbear's will be showing off some new gameplay, teasers, and models during the event!

progress is being made!

Making good progress!

Say "Hi" to Funtime Foxy!!!

New Forgotten at Fredbear's Pixel Art Stickers!

To get these stickers, just place charged stickers on my posts!

Art by @krieger1

Forgotten at Fredbear's: Fredbear and Spring-Bonnie

Porkchop's Wonder Farm | Showstar Short Film

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