Port Valley

2 years ago

Been working lately on lots of 'behind-the-scenes' boring stuff that no one really cares about, so here’s a guy playing the sax for some reason.




Next up

New location: The gym storage room!

(WIP and such)

So here's a little bit of gameplay testing the new cursor!

Also, the debut of 'click and hold' as a complementary movement system!

(SFX and such are WIP… so please don't panic yet.)

Introducing the Dynamic Reflections System™!

(AKA ah ok so there are mirrors now)


Oldie but Goodie: Happy Birthday Sonic!

here's a collection of some pixel arts I've made across the years (2022-2023) about him and company. Let's speed through another year!

So the pause menu design has changed a bit


"Mario where is the lamb sauc--"

Live from PTV-1 Studios!



So the only issue with having a location set on a bridge is that you actually have to go and draw the whole damn thing…

(WIP of course)


do you like my hat?

Pagot Corp's Reception Floor (WIP!)