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G3 kicks off soon at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET with the Guerilla Collective Online Showcase!

Join us when it's live at

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The Iron Bull is a party member and spy featured in Dragon Age: Inquisition who was voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.

Writer Patrick Weekes confirmed that The Iron Bull is pan back in 2014.

Bloodhound from Apex Legends is one of the greatest game hunters the Frontier has ever seen. After the death of their lover, Bloodhound vowed to win enough victories that they can enter Valhalla. Respawn confirmed Bloodhound is non-binary in 2021.

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What was your favorite game shown during Black Voices in Gaming? Tell us in the comments!

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Nocturne, the quartermaster of Shar's cloister, is canonically trans.

She's part of why GLAAD calls Baldur's Gate 3 a game that doesn't just welcome queer people but "embraces us and weaves our stories throughout the vibrant and dynamic world it crafts."

We saw a TON of great games during G3. Did you know one of them is by a Game Jolt Creator? 👀

@WhalesAndGames ' Townseek was part of the Wholesome Direct showcase!

Check the game's Game Jolt page to learn more:

Rando Art Challenge! Transform this into a masterpiece of the Renaissance era. Use the tag #renaissance to show off your creation! (Tag an artist in the comments to let them know)

Happy #WIPWednesday!

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What was your favorite game shown during Dames 4 Games? Tell us in the comments!

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Both the game and the TV show of The Last of Us have been praised for their depiction of Bill. In 2013, GLAAD described the game's Bill as being "as deeply flawed but wholly unique a gay character found in any storytelling medium this year."