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Here is the final result and this is true #cringe



Next up

I. Need. Some. Cheese. Rn.

Old oc vs new oc

A nice and quick drawing of @Jpcafeina oc hope u like it

part 4/28

Submission for Fan Art Friday 7/5/2024. Theme chosen: Fanart of Indie Videogames.

Based on Loddlenaut!

: Clip Studio Paint

I saw the idea when I clicked on ur pf and Ik I had to draw it


part 2/28

Lana and bubble

Why is it so funny 😂

I did it…. #GameJoltColors24


Hope u like it

Greetings Gamejolt!

Apologies for being offline; I've actually been busy working on a personal short adventure story!

Here's an adorable character concept a dear friend of mine created for it!

@FwD made art for u just bcs ur character funny

Part 3/28