3 years ago

Here's a joke game I'm working on. .-.,



Next up

To people calling NULL "DLM" or "Don't Leave Me"

This Satuday we invite to watch another #speedpainting of our artist Daniel Faiad.

How great is this scene of #Pecaminosa?

#ScreenShotSaturday | #IndieDev | #DigitalArt

Bandana Dee the Dream Friend

Shadow The Hedgehog X pixel art

I was bored, so... ManutKat.


These are background sprites I've created for a game I'm working on at school ^w^ Click on the post to see how the sprites connect. You won't regret it! (personally, I think it's pretty heheh)

Drawn in Piskel using my mouse. Whaddya think?

A few screenshots of the places you'll cross in the Demo of Blu. You can play it today on #gamejolt !

The Authority decided to investigate the Basement and leads to recovering classified documents Fun fact: The building has 928 doors and not 1000 doors. #horror

Hey you, rookie! Yes, I am talking to you!! Come over here? Relax! Just stick to me and everything will be fine. By the way, my name is James Varhuher, but you can call me Big J. I will bring you up to speed.

Mephisto Pheles - Blue Exorcist