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To people calling NULL "DLM" or "Don't Leave Me"



Next up

Here's a joke game I'm working on. .-.,

Just as Pecaminosa's musicians #improvise this rendition of #LittleSunflower 🌻, so do we improvise with this post you're reading. 😂

What's coming out of your own improvs? 🤔

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We made a lot of improvements on the Freezing Plains visual. Things like pine trees, tiny bushes, some rocks, and others game props!

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I have added rewards for quests so that villagers can give you something in return for your hard work helping them. 🥳

I want to know - what's your favourite quest reward?

The whole squad is here!

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Back in my art school days I used to ride the 710 COPSA line from Parque Del Plata to Montevideo almost everyday. This is the Marcopolo Viaggio G4 Mercedes Benz model from the late 80s, one of the older bus models that was running on the line.

Update 2.627

New challenges & new effects!

Shuiro Haname. #Commission

Commission for @ShuHaname

Let me introduce you to the new Mech line: Gendai Spec. Those are Mech that specializes in surprise attacks, covered operations, and stealth. They are equipped with melee weapons but one of Gendai's frames supports sniper rifles.

not the greatest house, but it's a house! :D