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I love holidays, they're so fun!! Have these (mostly) fall/Halloween related screenshots from animal crossing!!



Next up

I did pixel art with the game boy color palette! I was bored and I wanted to do something lol, hope you guys do too!

A little quick one this time, but yeah, I do need breaks with some things, will still do art but yeah, lmao. Sorry if it is a bit bad, just wanted to do something small this time


Idk, I wanted to do a thing, it just seems fun ngl

So this is day one!

(The day chart thing credit is in the article, I hope I credited right!)

Today is Roblox's 17th anniversary!

Complete our Roblox-inspired quests to earn Roblox backgrounds and Roblox sticker packs!

Check your Quest Log for more info!

That's not all. The Roblox sticker pack has rotated back into the Shop!

Goobers! Also as of right now, we don't know where Tigger is, I am a bit worried but I do hope and think that he went on an adventure, it seems like his thing.

This week's #FanArtFriday celebrates Kirby!

Complete the quest to earn a Gaming Legends sticker pack!


(I don't wanna go outside today, but I wanted to show that he is ok and back home! ^^)

Day 3, Round silly guy! I wanted to draw Spheal for this cause why not? He's just too adorable!

My submission for Art Weeklies 9/8/2023. Theme chosen: Cozy games.

#MyFavoriteGame is Animal Crossing—pretty much any of the mainline games. Rover is my fave character from the franchise. AC has helped me through many a rough patch.

: Clip Studio Paint

Think different time zones but here, tomorrow is my Spawn Day, it says it is now, so ig it is kinda my #spawnday

I've been here for 4 years, yay, I think?

Anyways, here is random idea doodles sketches for NPCs of my game, I kinda don't like some tbh-