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3 months ago

Jolters to Watch 2023

We 💚 your creations! Check these out:
⭐ Illustrations by @Snartles
⭐ Cakes by @zoesfancycakes
⭐ Pixel art by @Kanomi13 & @Efe69888
⭐ Minecraft builds by @paintergigi

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Bloodhound from Apex Legends is one of the greatest game hunters the Frontier has ever seen.

Their skillset blends the powers of the Norse gods with marvelous modern technology.

Respawn confirmed Bloodhound is non-binary in 2021.

Parvati Holcomb is an engineer and party member from the 2019 sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds.

In 2020, GLAAD gave the game a GLAAD Media Award & praised her as "the most prominent example of an authentic asexual character ever seen in a major studio title."

Our celebration of the Spider-Verse has begun! Complete the "Show Us Your Spider-sona" quest to enter to win a copy of the Illustrated Guide to the Spider-Verse from our pals at @InsightEditions !

🌟 🕵️ Detective Tails Is on the Case! 🕵️ 🌟

#Sonic | #SonicTheHedgehog | #SonicFanart | #Tails | #TheMurderOfSonicTheHedgehog

Catalyst is a techno witch and the first trans woman added to Apex!

Respawn worked with voice actor Meli Grant (who is trans herself) as well as GLAAD to create the character.

Catalyst is out, proud, and, as Grant told GamesRadar, "inescapably trans."

Street Fighter 6 is here & we're celebrating the iconic fighting franchise!

Check your quest log to find out how to earn Street Fighter sticker packs AND enter to win a Street Fighter cookbook from @InsightEditions .

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Ellie Williams is the central character of The Last of Us series. According to GLAAD, she's the first lesbian to ever headline a AAA game!

Recently, her popularity has only grown thanks to The Last of Us TV show!

Happy National Creativity Day!

No matter where you are in the world, this is a great day to be creative and to celebrate your favorite creators.

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Here are just SOME of the games we saw in Guerilla Collective's online showcase.

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Plus, be sure to join us tomorrow at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET for our restream of Summer Game Fest!