3 months ago

Just a building, nothing special.

(Work in progress)



Next up

Here's this W.I.P of this office that I've been working on for my friend @Brodieanddrew 's project.

Imagine starting to cry and mentally breaking down from 1 year of coding a Game Engine that is built on top of blender for a Popgoes fan game.

Y'know what refreshes my chest from all the hard work?

Soft body physics

Our friends at @steelwoolstudios released Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted four years ago today! What do you 💖 about Help Wanted? Tell us in the comments!

I forgot to show these Trophies that I made a while ago. For a special event, that got cancelled

Popgoes the Weasel jumpscare reveal!

Background is here only as a reference really - it will be given post-processing effects in the actual game, like horizontal shaking, distortion, etc.

Animated by E.Breddy!

Here are all the stickers that me and @Arcthurus016 worked on for the curious people that don't have time to get the sticker packs.

QNA ask me anything! And I'll try to answer your questions!

Time to model Morse The Guardian! A Virtual computer character assistant.. Deep down lives in your Weasel ware computers cleaning and fixing those corrupted files and viruses!