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#JimCarrey Chonk version Robotnik. Just doing a quick highlight of my #Robotnik rig because many do not see or understand how much every Robotnik design in existence had been incorporated into this look lol. Also Egg pod!
#CC4 #Unreal #Sonic #UE5

Freestyle, hand painted.

(Blank Panther Killmonger Dogon Mask)

Made a little robot guy today. Did a test render as well.

Blender Cycles

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This community is for those with a passion for 3D art! Whether you're a creator or enjoy admiring the work of others, come hang out, chat about and share some amazing 3D art!

This community is also a place to come ask for help or advice. So if you're just getting started in your 3D art journey feel free to come in and ask questions!

Feel free to post other's artwork if you can include credit to the artist!


1) When posting artwork you must claim it as your own or give credit to the artist. Alternatively, if your post is shared from a game page then attribution isn't required! A recognizable watermark is also acceptable. Failure to do so will result in the post being promptly removed from the community.

2) Art posts must prominently feature elements made in 3D.

3) Do not make posts specifically to promote your game. What you should avoid is making a post that just promotes your game with a link, talks about gameplay mechanics unrelated to the art, general dev logs unrelated to 3d art, and then simply adding a screenshot. This is what would be considered self-promotional spamming.

4) No NSFW content.

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