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Kirby cake overview if you missed the fireside last week. He is a very simple cake, but came together perfectly! Enjoy and feel free to tip the artist!



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My post the other day? A dog cake! It’ll be a few days till I put it together - it got delayed…. 😡

As a child of the 90s, I am disappointed it took this long for me to learn of Willis Gibson's Tetris win. Oh, the hours I wasted on this game!

It’s a boy!

Looks like the humans got impatient lol

40 degree weather ( 4.4c) is perfect to go swimming! That my Labs’ opinion anyway. We went hiking, they saw a pond and a stick they REALLY wanted, and the rest is history!

This week's #FanArtFriday celebrates Mario!

Complete the quest and you'll get Coins and a Mario pack!


The dog cake from last week is a gender reveal cake! It’s a kinda weird but very fun idea. Wanna guess what color is inside the cake? I’ll tell you on Monday! (Have to wait till after the party before I can share 😁)

These are all the ingredients for my next cake. Weird, huh? Want to guess what kind of cake it will be?

Gifter's Gauntlet 2 Update:

These 5 esteemed champions have maintained their standings, yet fervent Jolters are in close pursuit!

Continue bestowing gifts for THY opportunity to ascend and become the new Chad of the Gifter's Gauntlet!

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I definitely have a type. Big, soft, and squishy! I may need a giant bunny peep.