4 months ago

Less than a day left to take part in the FNAC + POPGOES art contest!

If you're a fanartist, don't miss out on the chance to win REAL prizes!

Check out this post for details: https://gamejolt.com/p/fnac-popgoes-game-jolt-art-contest-zm4w55ej #fnaf #fnac #popgoes #art



Next up

Looking for suggestions for new "default" POPGOES Game Jolt stickers!

Fun fact, POPGOES Arcade was going to have another level of currency, alongside the rare (and originally circular) Emerald Coins. They were just called Shadow Coins.


POPGOES fanart showcase for this week! Check these out! (22/09)

Sources for all four of these, and A NEW GJ STICKER... is in the article!


A guide on how to place Charged Stickers and get POPGOES stickers on Game Jolt!

Here's a look at "Haunted Freddy", another Youtooz that I contributed towards.

The ghosts are TRANSPARENT!

@turntail secretly worked with E.Breddy to get this huge custom desk mat made for my birthday! It could easily be mistaken for an official product (though it will never be one...)

This brand new render is now the game's banner on Twitter and Game Jolt!

Youtooz has revealed a new figure of a "haunted" Golden Freddy, with a ghost child hanging onto the suit!

This was actually one of my own concepts that I worked on with the Youtooz team recently! I'm glad people are liking it so far.

Today is Roblox's 17th anniversary!

Complete our Roblox-inspired quests to earn Roblox backgrounds and Roblox sticker packs!

Check your Quest Log for more info!

That's not all. The Roblox sticker pack has rotated back into the Shop!

Why is POPGOES Evergreen taking so long?

If you are genuinely curious, I've written this. Or maybe you can learn something and paraphrase it to your friends if they ask this question.

TL;DR: It's a big game, and we have other commitments!