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In POPGOES Evergreen, you can collect "Booster Packs" (which give 5 random cards from the ENTIRE collection).

You can also get "Mystery Singles" for each of the themes!

Check these out... The Normal and Halloween packs have never been shown before!

Hi guys, so how are you

So I came here with the question

What type of video do you want between Pre-recording or Livestream because I want both but It will be hard or near impossible to do

But I will be happy if you give me some advise about that

  4 votes 3 days left

Further development.

In the next update, new endings and a new gameplay will be added - the update will be considered a major one. The game will continue to evolve, because I see that this game has potential.
#giftforgirl #horror #survival #psx #adventure