1 month ago

Look at my big Sebby standing up to play at the table 🥹



Next up

Uh oh... Maybe adding the 'Horde Mod' to Project Zomboid was a bad idea


Gimme that ball! *SWISH* 🏀🗑️

Luigi's blow function 🌬️

don't make my mistake when you look at an eclipse

Here you see a man who's just finished recording VR in the summer heat 🥵

Worth it though for the content 😄

As promised, here's the video of the kingsnake! It was displeased by my existence. It even shook its tail a tiny bit... You ain't no rattlesnake!

Oh, and I also put a little warning in the beginning for any who have a fear of snakes, as requested.

VR Cat Basketball was a bad idea 🏀

Sebby taking a little dip in the pool 🤽‍♂️🌞

Big thank you to Nintendo UK for hooking me up with a copy of Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door & this beautiful DIY #PaperMario Diorama that I just about managed to put together 😅🔨 I look forward to checking out the game 👍 #nintendoswitch #gifted #ad

I was bitten, they dealt with it well #projectzomboid