What's happening IRL for you?

My partner loves Lego and Batman (especially Grant Morrison Batman) so I made him a giant Lego Batman figure birthday cake! Made his limbs out of Rice Krispie treats because Richard prefers that to cake

I finally got around to hanging up the 'Ivy' to add to my office background. Think it looks alright? 🤷‍♂️🌿

Okay totally not GJ related but I finally got the keys to my new place. My head hurts from yelling 🥴 #irl #nerdsleazepalace lol

Mister Jonah, always so helpful 💕😹 #cats #irl

Still alive! Last week was insanely busy and stressful for me - but totally worth it. We had 24 family members for thanksgiving at my house, and then saturday was my son's eagle scout court of honor (with 70 guests). I baked A LOT!

Want the fun of being outside with none of the grass allergies? It's IRL, your place to get out and touch grass on Game Jolt.


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